Our Wedding

Follow all the plans and preparations for our big day 

19th May 2017



Our Wedding Style

80 days to go!! Apologies for my lack of blog posts recently, between moving house last year, decorating and creating our dream home, working and wedding planning I haven’t had much time to do anything else.  I am now making a conscious effort to set aside some time each week to light some candles, grab a cup of tea get writing.

So much has happened since I last talked about the wedding.  Our venue, the Old Barn, is almost complete, I can’t wait to share pictures with you, and all of the major planning has been done.

With our rustic venue in mind we decided to go with a relaxed, romantic, country garden feel for our big day.  It is important to us that we have a laid-back, fun-filled day where everyone can eat, drink and be very merry.

When planning our ceremony, we have thought carefully about our vows and readings so that they represent us as a couple.  We didn’t want anything too stern or intense, but something loving that showed how grateful we are to be able to celebrate our relationship and friendship in front of our loved ones.

We want the decor to be in keeping with the venue and fitting for a May wedding.  Think bunting, burlap and beautiful spring blooms.  The main barn will be lit with festoon lighting and paper lanterns (from The Hanging Lantern Company) suspended from the beams to create a romantic glow.


My favourite find so far (courtesy of my lovely Mam spotting them on eBay) is two milk churns which we will fill with beautiful seasonal flowers to match our colour scheme and place either side of the main entrance to the barn to add to the rustic, country feel.


I love the idea of having a bit of DIY styling at the wedding, and our current projects include stripping down and painting an old set of ladders which will become our table plan display as well as creating signs for various areas of the venue.

Our florist is the fabulous Jan Watters, based in Cleadon Village near where we live.  As our wedding venue isn’t complete yet, we couldn’t exactly tell her everything we wanted in the way of floral displays but I was able to explain the sort of look we would like to go for.  I absolutely adore traditional spring time flowers such as peonies, stocks, hydrangea and hyacinths mixed with beautiful sprigs of eucalyptus.  Jan is a genius when it comes to creating stunning bouquets so I have pretty much left the flower arranging in her very capable hands.  I can’t wait to see what she creates.


Music is such a huge part of our day and we have been planning our wedding playlist for months.  We are both old rockers and heart and want to incorporate the music we love into the big day.  We will be ditching traditional ceremony music for the likes of Peter Gabriel and Pearl Jam and getting our guests up on the dance floor with music from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, ACDC and Van Halen. ROCK ON!!

The Venue

All weddings, even the small, simple affairs require planning and decision making. When my fiancé, Grant got down on one knee back in September we were able to make two very big decisions very quickly: we both knew we wanted a spring wedding (my fiancé gets time off work in May and I adore spring-time flowers) and we both agreed on the venue.

I had always dreamed of having a barn wedding in the countryside, however, when we had a look into the various barn venues available we couldn’t quite find one that ticked all the boxes for us. A lot of them were either way over our budget or they didn’t have a menu that appealed to us. For us, there was only one real choice and that was South Causey Inn. This venue has it all; beautiful views over the Beamish Valley, a rustic setting, a fantastic wedding package (within budget) and superb menus. Although it wasn’t exactly a barn venue, it ticked so many other boxes it was definitely the clear choice for us.


We took a trip up there to speak to the wonderful staff about potentially booking our big day at their venue. Luckily, on the night we visited them they actually had the ceremony and reception areas set out as they would have for a wedding so we got to see exactly what it could look like on the day. We even had a little practice walk down the aisle! It didn’t take us long to make the decision to book it and set a date.


Now we had a date set, it all seemed to be getting real. Our big day isn’t until May 2017 but of course, that doesn’t stop me from doing a spot of wedding scrapbooking or sourcing ideas from Pinterest every now and then!

Just before Christmas, our dream wedding venue became even better! The staff at South Causey left Grant a voicemail about our booking and immediately I feared the worst and, I must admit, may have had a very slight bridezilla moment. Had they double-booked our day? Had they got the booking wrong? We called them back and they assured us that everything was absolutely fine and they just wanted to inform us that they were planning on opening a second wedding venue on site, totally separate from the one we had booked and that we shouldn’t worry as it wouldn’t affect our day at all. This set my mind at ease and I went back to being a very relaxed, chilled-out bride-to-be.

I later had a look on their website where they had recently added more information on the new venue and found out that they had received planning permission to build a barn on site where couples can get married and host their wedding reception. It will even have its own private garden overlooking the valley. Oh, and it would be ready and open months before our wedding date!! Was it too good to be true? Our perfect wedding venue now with the dream barn setting! We decided to get in touch with the staff at South Causey to see if we could have our day in the new ‘Old Barn’ and they invited us up to give us more information.


                                 How they propose the barn will look when completed

So on December 23rd we went along to see what they had to say, and after a delicious dinner in the restaurant we sat down with the very friendly owner, Susan, who went over all the details of the new venue (which just kept getting better and better) and told us it would be no problem at all to have our day there. We immediately signed a new contract for the barn and everything was sorted.

The plans they have made for the venue are absolutely stunning and exactly how I always pictured the perfect wedding setting. Now that it’s all booked we can get started on the rest of the planning and make our big day one to remember!