The Hudson

I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit, especially if there is new food to try, so when I heard that the County Hotel in Newcastle was opening a new bar and restaurant I couldn’t wait to pay them a visit. The promotional pictures on social media looked fantastic and the menu sounded

Cherry and Almond Crumble

There is nothing better than a delicious homemade dessert after a Sunday dinner and this one is perfect.  Nostalgic and retro but still delicious and so easy to make! Ingredients  800g pitted cherries (I use tinned pitted black cherries) 4tbsp sugar 1.5tsp cornflour 1tsp almond extract Juice of half a lemon For the Crumble  120g

Almond Macaroons

These are so easy to make and so delicious.  They go great with a nice cup of good coffee. 125g finely ground almonds 150g caster sugar 1 egg white (medium egg) Almond Extract  Icing Sugar to dust Almonds to decorate Pre heat the oven 180C and line a tray with baking paper. Start off by

Our Honeymoon

When planning our honeymoon, we really couldn’t decide if we wanted to visit somewhere hot, with a nice pool, a beach and cocktails, or if we should go for a city break with plenty of sight-seeing. So we decided to do both. We booked to go to New York City but decided we would wait

Block & Bottle

by Sian Colman   The North East is being well and truly spoilt with so many local businesses and pop-ups appearing! It is a very good time to be in this little part of the world. The beer world has exploded with new bars and breweries in the area, and on a sunny day all