Arch 2 Brewpub & Kitchen

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dil and the Bear in Tynemouth.  When we lived in Newcastle we would quite often go there for lunch or the delicious cakes and because it was dog friendly, we could take Springsteen, our westie, along with us.  So when I heard that they were teaming up with Newcastle Brewing Ltd to create Arch2 Brewpub and Kitchen on Stepney Bank in Ouseburn, I couldn’t wait to go along and try it.

I love the clever use of space, under an arch of the Byker Bridge, which is perfectly sheltered from the elements, with an urban chic vibe, which blends well with the surrounding areas.  There is also a good amount of indoor and outdoor space, which is great in this very popular area of the city.  The festoon lighting hanging over the long benches in the outdoor area make this a cosy social spot for all seasons.

There is something for everyone here, with a good selection of beers and lagers, coffees and cakes.  There is also a food menu coming soon once the kitchen is complete which, if Dil and the Bear is anything to go by, is very exciting! The opening hours are 9am until 11pm which is great news for us.  My husband, Grant, isn’t really a big drinker and would much rather go out for a coffee while I enjoy a drink or two but it’s so hard to find somewhere that serves good coffee that doesn’t close at 5pm! This is a perfect location which caters for both of us.

We popped by for a morning coffee today and couldn’t resist treating ourselves to the cake truffles (an old favourite of mine from Dil and the Bear, the red velvet is amazing).   Grant is extremely picky when it comes to coffee, he is definitely a coffee snob, but this place got two thumbs up from him for the Americano.  It’s very rare we find a place where we both enjoy the coffee but I thoroughly enjoyed the Flat White I had so it was a win win!

We will definitely be going back for some food and a beer or two as soon as we can.  This place is sure to be a huge hit with all it has to offer and fits in nicely with the other local gems in the Ouseburn area.  Whether you visit during the day or make it part of your alternative night out away from the busy city centre, it certainly won’t disappoint.


2 thoughts on “Arch 2 Brewpub & Kitchen”

  1. There are so many places popping up in Ouesburn that I really need to try. I’m thinking of going for a walk up there one lunchtime to have a good nose around. Arch 2 looks fantastic, can’t wait to go and check it out for myself!

    1. Yeah there are loads of great places. If, like me, you like a quieter pub crawl rather than going into town it’s perfect! My imagination is running away with me but I think this place would be perfect for intimate outdoor film showings during the summer x

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