Brocksbushes Farm – Pick Your Own

I love the idea of growing my own fruit and veg.  I remember my parents used to have a patch at the bottom of the garden where they would grow various vegetables and rhubarb.  While we do have space in the garden to grow some of our own, our space is obviously limited.  However, if you like the sound of being able to pick your own fruit and veg straight from the ground, there are a few places you can go to do just that!

We have visited Brocksbushes Farm on a number of occasions now and it is an absolutely fantastic day out in the summer months.  They have fields full of raspberries, strawberries,  blackberries, plums and more that you can pick straight from the ground.  It is also a bargain day out for the whole family, at only £1 per person for entry and a £1 deposit for each basket.  You can fill your basket with as much fruit as you like, I piled mine high as I was looking for yummy berries to add to a homemade pavlova (as you can see below), and you’ll be surprised how little it costs.

As well as the fruit fields they also have a lovely little farm shop which sells a wide selection of fresh produce (you’ll want to try it all) and a tea room which sells delicious cakes and lunches.  They even have a licence to sell beer and wines, so you can treat yourself to a well earned drink after an afternoon of fruit picking!

This place is perfect for both adults and children.  My niece and nephew loved spending the day picking strawberries and I think it made them enjoy eating them all the more because they had picked them themselves.

If you haven’t been to a PYO farm yet, I would highly recommend taking a trip to one while the weather is warm and sunny.  It’s a perfect day outdoors.

Other PYO Farms to try

Brockwell Farm – Lanchester

FW Elgey – Darlington

Oxford Farm Shop and Tea Room – Berwick

Harewood Bridge Pick Your Own – Harewood, Leeds

The Balloon Tree Farm Shop & Cafe – Helmsley, York

Hutton Bonville Fruit Farm – Northallerton

Bluebell Farm PYO – Askham Bryan, York


2 thoughts on “Brocksbushes Farm – Pick Your Own

  1. I have the most amazing memories of fruit picking from the 80s! We used to skip about and sneakily eat all of the strawberries instead of picking them (pretty sure that’s not allowed!) – we’d always return to Mum with completely empty baskets and strawberry stains down our tops!

    I’ve been wanting to go fruit picking at Brockbushes for ages, every Summer it’s on my to do list but we never seem to actually make a plan!

    1. That’s what I love about this place. It’s just a good old fashioned, fun day out like when we were kids. No technology, no tv, just getting outside and having fun with the whole family. Love it! Do try and get along before the end of the summer, it’s great and you even feel like you’ve had a bit of a workout haha x

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